Lindsay Kerr


Lindsay teaches prenatal yoga Tuesday night at 6pm and Saturday morning at 10:30am.

Lindsay was drawn to yoga in high school and quickly noticed the effects of the practice not only on her physical body, but on her emotional body as well. Lindsay decided to get certified to teach yoga during her career as a counselor to offer yoga as an integral part of therapy. She’s certified as a 200 hr yoga instructor through Integrative Yoga Therapy. It was Lindsay’s experience of being pregnant through her teacher training which gave her firsthand experience of the benefits of prenatal yoga. In 2014, when her daughter was 9 months old she went on to receive specialized training and certification as a prenatal and postnatal yoga instructor. Lindsay moved back to Lubbock to raise her daughter close to family and was excited to see a community where the practice of yoga was starting to bloom. She also saw the need for a specialized studio focusing on women and families and felt inspired to open Seed to Sprout Yoga and Wellness. Lindsay loves connecting with others and is full on in love with her daughter, Nikaya Belle. She hopes yoga helps you too in life and motherhood.
In addition to Seed to Sprout, Lindsay currently also teaches yoga at The Falls Tennis and Athletic Club and Prenatal yoga at UMC.


Casey McVay


Currently teaches a prana vinyasa class at 10:30 every Wednesday morning.

Casey is a mother, a lover of the divine, a nurturer of the earth, and works on her family’s organic farm. Casey realizes there are many challenges in being human. Going through her fair amount of hurdles in life she has learned to deal with these challenges through yoga. It is her dream to offer healing, wisdom and knowledge to others just as her teachers have done for her. With Saturn rising on the moment of her birth she always lacked a certain amount of confidence, this confidence would later come to her in the form of great teachers. In 2011 she received her 200 hour teacher training certificate through her teacher Shakti Redding of Inner Power Yoga where she was given an enriched understanding of yoga history and philosophy. In 2016, after studying with her teacher Monica Mesa she completed her 200 hour teacher training in Prana Vinyasa by Shiva Rea in which she deepened her knowledge of yoga and yoga philosophy. She is grateful to her beautiful teachers who are constantly offering her confidence, love, wisdom and knowledge. She feels completely blessed to share her teachers pearls of wisdom with others and to be offered the path of yoga in this lifetime.


Dani Smith


Dani teaches a happy hour flow every Thursday at 5:30pm

Dani first sampled yoga in her home in 2004, after the birth of her first child. Following along with the leotard clad yoga instructor on VHS, she memorized the sequence and found herself striking yoga poses on a whim.

Amidst caring for a terminally ill mother and an energetic toddler she grew to understand that yoga not only gave her more energy, but a sense of calm and peace.

In 2011 Dani completed her 200 hour teacher training under the expert eye of Tej Monga and the Namah Shivaya International School of Yoga. It was there that she began to view her practice as one of deep faith and connection to spirituality.

Dani has had the honor of teaching and participating in yoga stretching from the mountains of Wyoming to the hills of Costa Rica to the high plains of west Texas. She strives to create classes where all feel welcome, and hopes to challenge student’s perspective and inspire their growth.


Jenn Borland


Jenn teaches prenatal yoga Monday at 10:30 and Friday at noon. She also does a heated flow Friday morning at 10:30 and a kids class on Thursday at 4:30.

Jenn wants to live in a world with individuals who are awake and alive for this very short time that we have to be awake and alive. She would love for everyone to learn to stop the striving, pushing, forcing glorification of busy; and just pause for where they are. She hopes to teach everyone to see the highest in themselves, and for all people to treat themselves as the expressions of the Divine that they are.
Jenn honors authenticity and equality. She strives to show her truest self, and in turn appreciate those that are truly themselves also.
In regards to working with women- Jenn wants this to be the confirmation of the power that they hold inside. Whether young or old- every stage of womanhood is amazing, and should be treated as such.
Jenn’s prenatal classes have a bit of flow from her own experience in pregnancy it helped her to sleep better, and feel better all over.
Jenn teaches 10:30 prenatal yoga on Monday, 4:30 kids yoga on Thursday, 10:30 heated vinyasa followed by noon prenatal yoga and 1:30 mom/baby yoga on Fridays!!


Sarah Castro


Sarah currently teaches family yoga at 1:30 on Sunday.

Sarah was introduced to yoga 15 years ago, in high school, and loved it ever since. Practicing yoga has helped her through many challenging times and guided her through many important experiences, including the very long, beautiful, and natural birth of her son. A couple of years ago, she decided that she wanted to share the gift of yoga with others, so it could help them the way it has helped her. The universe finally presented the opportunity for yoga instructor training this past March and Sarah traveled to New York City, close to where she grew up, to receive her vinyasa flow training. This was a life changing experience for Sarah and she is excited to share the magic and love of yoga with the Lubbock community. Sarah has a huge heart and an intention that we can all grow and continue to learn together.


Rachelle Atkinson


Rachelle was raised a West Texas farm girl and after a long and winding road has found her way back to her roots. Along the way she discovered the holistic lifestyle and the mysteriously amazing connections between body and mind and spirit. Trained as a yoga teacher, yoga therapist and holistic nutrition therapist, Rachelle is passionate about helping others find their truest Self, whether through a cleaner body, a clearer head, or an explored heart. She is a firm believer in having powerful connections with ourselves, our food and our Earth. She has taught yoga for ten years and has over 2000 hours teaching experience.

Her lived experiences have brought Rachelle the gift of teaching others to embrace the exactness of this moment in their own strange yet beautiful journey.

She believes that healing in the form of wholeness comes from working with what is and the ultimate embrace of its perfection. This is grace.


Ansley Key


Ansley teaches kids yoga Mondays at 4:30.

Ansley is very passionate about kids and watching them learn and experience new things. She attended Texas Tech University and has a degree in Human Development and Family Studies and an Elementary Certification in Early Childhood through 4th Grade. She has taught 2nd Grade in Lubbock ISD for 7 years and is committed to helping young people grow and reach their goals.
She received her kid’s yoga certification from Cosmic Kids and is continually doing kids yoga training’s online. Ansley holds fun but educational kid’s yoga classes. Her students enjoy reading books together, going on adventures, learning life skills such as ways to calm down and relieve stress, playing yoga games, and team building activities.
Ansley would love to have your child try out a kid’s yoga class. She personally has seen benefits in her own 3-year-old son’s life and would recommend for any kid.





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