Mother’s Day


Being birthed into motherhood has been the most magnificent journey. Perhaps the growth and completeness I’ve felt since being a mom is what has inspired my desire to work with women on this journey as their prenatal yoga teacher, doula, coach, and friend. I think all moms can agree motherhood is not perfect or easy, but ultimately it’s the best thing about living. It also isn’t done alone. The most balanced we are as mothers is when we allow our community to support us.


Motherhood sustains life. Mother nature is life.


I became a mother the day we conceived of Nikaya Belle, but I really feel I was birthed into the completeness of being a Mother the day my beautiful daughter was born. And the reality of it, I was born to birth Nikaya. It’s the completeness of it….the mothering of life.


We named her Nikaya, which has a meaning roughly equivalent to the English word “collection”. It’s usually used to describe groupings of discourses according to theme or length for example; the Majhima Nikaya or the middle length discourses. Nikaya for us is the collection of mothers and fathers who have come before her. The collection of stories and journey’s that have come before Nikaya in order for her to have arrived here with us today, and in order for me to be her mother.

Sixteen and a half months has passed since Nikaya was born my daughter and me her mother. Since then a lot has happened. A lot that without the support and strenght my daughter and mother bestowed upon me I wouldn’t have been able to make it this far and doing so well. In the sixteen months of her life I had the courage to leave an unhealthy marriage and lifestyle for her and I and reground back in my town of birth to create the life we desire and deserve.  I believe motherhood is what saved me and brought me back home to myself, my roots, my family. And in coming home I’ve united with a huge community of other moms who work as a village and offer safe holistic ways to keep our children healthy. A community of moms who go to the park together, who read together, who laugh together, and who cry together. I’ve come back to a community supportive of yoga and of making this world a better place for our chiildren.

During our prenatal yoga class tonight mothers were encouraged to say one word that came to mind about the journey of motherhood– Exciting, Joy, Faith, Wholeness, Inspiring, Scary, Overwhelm, Blessed and Grateful… this is mother. I think I’ll also add in the words Forgiving, Fierce, and Strong.


Thanks to your mom, love to your mother, Happy Mothers Day!!