Vanessa Rautis

Vanessa is our doula support person coordinating events to inspire moms in their pregnancy and birth experiences! She also sells handmade soaps and body care products right in Seed to Sprout and next door at @tumbleweedbotanicals Vanessa began working for the non-profit WIC program as a breastfeeding peer counselor in 2007 and quickly completed training through TDSHS to be recognized as a TBE (Trained Breastfeeding Educator). During her time with WIC, she also worked with the Lactation, Doula, and Childbirth Ed. departments at UMC and received her CLC certification. In 2011 she received her IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) and was soon promoted to Senior Breastfeeding Peer Counselor/LC for the WIC agency. Her love of breastfeeding, childbirth, and empowering women lead her to also get her labor doula training and certification through CBI (Childbirth International). She is also a member of ILCA (International Lactation Consultant Association). Recently, she started selling her own line of self-care products and enjoys creating luxurious soaps and more with essential oils. Currently, Vanessa works privately as a lactation consultant and doula and enjoys her fifteen year marriage to Jason and three children, Elise 9, Aiden 6, and Autumn 3.



Michelle Murphy

Michelle is a DONA certified birth doula and a CLC (certified lactation counselor). Her passion for all things birth related began with the birth of her daughter and joining a fantastic new mom’s group while living in Pittsburgh, PA. She began doula training there under Kathy McGrath who is the winner of an Elizabeth Bing award and contributor to the DONA International Birth Doula Workshop Manual. Michelle and family made the decision to return home to the South Plains after an 18 year absence. Michelle accepted a position as one of the UMC doula team and works in the lactation department for the hospital. She also saw the need to build community and began Welcome To Mommyhood, a group for mothers of infants, with the help of Lindsay Kerr (owner of Seed To Sprout Yoga and Wellness) and Sarah Pohlmeyer (birth doula and childbirth educator). This November she will complete her training to become a Dancing For Birth instructor and hopes to begin classes at Seed To Sprout in 2017. The thing she enjoys most and what fuels her love for her work is having the gift to be mommy to her only child Andara.


melissa pic

Melissa McCauly

Melissa McCauley is a northern girl who got swept away by a Texas boy. She loves to travel the world and hopes to instil wonder and adventure in her boys. She had participated in over 400 births before having her first baby. Though she knew natural childbirth was challenging, her own labors were longer and more intense than she had expected. She’s so glad they chose a great birth team for all three of them. Bringing Birth Boot Camp to Lubbock is her dream come true and shes so excited this option is out there for couples in west Texas. She’s been involved in nearly all aspects of childbirth for over 15 years and wants to help couples prepare for an amazing birth with the support and education they can benefit from. Overall she has 15 years experience helping moms and families inside and outside the hospital and across the globe is their labor and births.


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