Class Descriptions

Pricing (cash or check) is as follows:

First time Free!
$13 drop in
$33 for a 3 class pass
$100 for a 10 class pass ( as well as 10 week series)

Prenatal Yoga
There are tremendous benefits to be gained from doing yoga while pregnant. At Seed to Sprout Yoga, our prenatal classes offer a chance to build a community of moms, share in the experience of being pregnant, and discuss the world of birth. It is also an opportunity to tune-in and honor both your body and your growing baby. The classes will utilize yoga asana that build strength and stamina, balance, and breathe work to help support your body as it changes through pregnancy. Learn techniques to calm the nervous system and to connect mind, body, and spirit that will offer benefits for the lifelong journey of motherhood.

Mommy/Me Yoga
This class is for Moms and babies from 6 weeks to pre-walkers. The class will focus on poses and breathe work that will benefit the needs of new moms and offer a community of women experiencing this beautiful, yet often hectic, time in motherhood. Yoga asana will help to strengthen the core after childbirth and give a variety of both energizing and restorative yoga postures to help balance your energy as a new mom. This is an open space where your baby is welcome to nurse, nap, eat, cry, or play with toys. We involve the babies in some poses and also include infant massage.

Community All Level Yoga Classes
At Seed to Sprout Yoga we also want to invite anyone in any stage of life or background to receive the benefits of a yoga practice. These all level classes will utilize mudra, pranayama, and asana in a therapeutic flow that can suite the needs of all practitioners. Just as a garden grows, we also grow our community by uniting in health and self-care to create a nourished environment in which we can all bloom. It is our desire to teach yoga in a manner that involves humor, knowledge, movement, and life-force where everyone feels at ease in the class. Benefits include flexibility, strength, better sleep, improved metabolism, and overall balance in all systems of the body.

8-week and 10-week Series
These series offer the opportunity to make a commitment to your yoga practice and – more importantly – to your health. Each series will have a theme woven through the duration of the 8 or 10 weeks. Just like the all level classes, each class will offer mudra, pranayama, asana, and meditation in a therapeutic style of yoga. With the commitment to the practice, and more time spent on your mat, you’ll experience the benefits of becoming more comfortable in each pose. The body will learn how to deepen, strengthen, and relax while holding stillness and creating lasting muscle memory. Benefits of regular practice will be revealed from the internal organs to the external body, as well as in a calmed mind. Through the 8 or 10 weeks you’ll also grow in community with your fellow students and get to acknowledge and encourage one another’s growth.

Private Yoga Sessions
We provide private yoga sessions created specifically with your goals and desires in mind. Contact us for more information.

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