Live a life that is essentially yours! Essential oils have been used for hundreds of years and its amazing the benefits they can have in your life. Notice what adding nature’s gift back into your wellness routine does for your life. We all want our families to feel vibrant and healthy. Leading active lifestyles requires us to take our self care prioity in our own hands and we’re truly blessed to have these beautifully natural occuring aromatic compounds found in seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers and other parts of plants to help us maintain our healthy bodies and evironment.

There are three ways to add essential oils into your daily routine.

1. Aromatically: Just by breathing in these beautiful aromas you’ll be offering an opportunity to provide yourself with an experience. Some oils when diffused will be uplifting, some calming, and some can also be diffused to purify the air and aid in unwanted odors or airborn pathogens. Enjoy adding a couple drops of wild orange and a couple drops of peppermint in your diffuse to get your morning started with energy and joy.

2. Topically: Essential oils can be safely applied toppically as they are easily absorbed by the skin. It is essential to understand that essential oils are consentrated plant compounds and some oils may be best dilluted with Fractionated Cocnut Oil as to avoid skin sensitivity especially in children and infants. Add a drop of Balance to the bottom of your feet to have a relaxed and grounded feeling.

3. Internally. CPTG oils are saftly used as dietary supplements supporting the overall function of your body and its various systems. Utilizing the Life Long Vitality taken daily you’ll be adding a variety of oils into your supplement routine which support healthy joint functioning and promote cardiovascular and immune functioning.


Sourcing essential oils is important to their quality and DoTerra is committed to providing the purest and most potent essential oil possible while sourcing and parterning with farmers around the world. Just as we hope to best take care of the people that we love, Doterra only hopes to source the best oils in order to help us do so. The protocol of third party testing and Certified Putre Therapeutic Grade protocol sets the bar for quality and purity.


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