When we are in line with our true self’s it is then we can reawaken the gifts that make up our natural state of being. It seems that life itself is a discovery of what inherently we have to offer. What I might be able to give to others is not the same as the gift you are here to give.


So, how do we find what it is that we are here to provide? And how to tap into it in each moment of our lives with purpose?


I remember back in 2007 while I was staying at Shoshoni Ashram west of Boulder, CO I went on a hike. I arrived at the top of the hill and watched the squirrels, ants, and birds engulfed in the present moment. They were operating with complete understanding of their role in nature. I sat in meditation about how it is our purpose on this earth, as humans, to discover our roll. What do we add to the environment? We are each unique and it is our duty to discover this uniqueness as we go about each day. We have the ability to develop as we age and refine the skills we’ve acquired and the hobbies and occupations we practice.


As I meditated I wondered what it was I had to offer?


At that time I was a semester away from graduating with my M.Ed in Counseling and didn’t really have a plan. I know I loved and needed yoga, so I had gone on a voyage to get certified to teach, however my plan changed and I was instead staying on the ashram doing Seva Yoga and living the life of one of the residential yogis who lived on the ashram. I spent time taking as many of the classes as I could as well as changed the bed sheets, cleaned the toilets, washed the dishes, and cooked the dinners of the other people who were coming to the ashram for a retreat. We awoke daily at 5:00am took a shower, and walked to the temple to chant the Guru Gita and sit in silent meditation before having the most beautiful vegetarian breakfast.


It’s all part of the path of discovery. I didn’t know at the time, but 8 years later I’d arrive back in Lubbock teaching yoga. I didn’t yet know that after graduation in the beginning of 2008 that I’d decide to move to Boulder and create some of the most beautiful moments and friendship in my life and then end up back in Lubbock now.


I can’t say the path to discovery has been easy. Those years between that summer of 2007 and now have contained a lot of questions, a lot of transitions, and a lot of tears. But all along the way each job, each relationship, and each home has helped me get here; to where I am right now. A place where I’m weaving together my experiences to best align with the way I can offer service to the world. Life is a continual birth and rebirth process and each phase and day is an awakening/birthing us into the next.


I feel grateful for opportunity. I feel grateful for connection. I feel grateful for growth. I feel grateful for my path.


Yoga for me is the practice that helps me tap into my gifts. It has been the biggest and best teacher in reminding me to settle, to get still, and to believe that all of what I give matters.