black-eyed-peasAnd so it begins. Another calendar year. I’ve found that a great part of my healing and understanding of this life comes in the form of symbols, archetypes, and traditions.

This is what I love about this time of year: the feeling of counting down to a new year knowing world wide we’re connecting to this collective experience. The feelings of the holiday season with decoration and family. This time also marked by reflection of the year past, making sense of happenings, of lessons learned, and loved ones lost. Letting go of the old and welcoming in the new. New energy and new understanding.

This year I started January 1 by completing 108 sun salutations at Hwy 108 Yoga Shala. I’m hoping for this to be a new tradition for myself. As we flowed through this ancient practice I felt connected at a deep spiritual level. Using my breath to guide my flow I felt as if I could transition through each asana with effortless ease. And when the practice got taxing or my mind wondered I’d find strength in those who’ve over come so much in their own life. That the human capacity is so great that it’s only our mind that tells us we can’t do something.

I particularly thought of a book I read this time last year called Waking: A Memoir of Trama and Trancendence. In the book renowned yoga teacher ,Matthew Sanford , describes his life after being paralyzed as a young child in a car wreck. His path eventually brings him to yoga.

Matthew’s story and so many people’s life story is of resilience and of faith. Completing 108 rounds of surya namaskar and breathing into the strength and support of my Lubbock community has opened my year with that same strong sence of resilience and faith for the year to come.

I followed the 108 sun salutations with another family tradition of eating black eyed pea chowder for luck and prosperity in the new year. I’ve added the recipe below.

This being my first blog I’ve chosen to name this space of my thought collections : It all starts somewhere. My intention is to write and connect about insights and understandings, questions and hardships, recipes and wellness, and motherly love. Please join me as we all start somewhere.