We all have a story and the best thing is that we are co-creators in that story. We are the authors and the universe is the illustrator. We set goals and have visions that then create beautiful illustrations of landscapes that surround us both physically and emotionally. You can probably notice this co creative force play out by looking back to different times in your life to what your desires were and where the focus of your energy went by noting what was going on around you at that moment and how you were co-creating with Spirit. Your landscape was actually matching up with your desires and thoughts.


If I were to look back on my life especially since the summer of 2011 when I had gotten out of a long-term relationship with a live in boyfriend. I realize the stream of “circumstance” since that time is a stream of synchronicity. To help cope with this life change and break up as well as part of my Depth Counseling Education that fall I took a personal mythology class. In the class we were advised to write ourselves a letter that our teacher would mail out to us a year later. My letter, which I wish I still had, was basically saying goodbye to the first of the three mythological landscapes of women hood, my maiden life. I wrote about how hopefully that following year I had stepped into the role of mother, not necessarily a physical sense of having children and being mother, but that my desire was to grow into a phase of life where I was nurturing my gifts, rather than living the world of a carefree maiden.


How amazing and what a powerful sign it was that when I received my letter in January 2013 I was in a new relationship and in a more advanced position in both of my jobs. I had actually stepped into the mother role. I was 30 and I was happy; and then a month later I was pregnant. I had stepped into the role of a physical mother. Now you could call this what you want but I can see that writing physically my desires and sealing them in an envelope provided power. I think I underestimated how much power because I wasn’t actually trying to have a child. But the power of also aligning your desire with the desire that the universe has for you is that big. I was meant to be a mother. My daughter was meant to be my daughter and because I was ready this happened.


I am now continuing to utilize this practice and becoming fully aware of where I’m placing my energy. The things we focus on grow bigger in our lives. We have to feel into our power so that when life is hard and stressful we remember that we can choose to focus on creating more love than pain, more ease than worry.


It is my vision and desire to be a good mother. I focus energy on being a good friend and family member. It is my desire to give back to our community and to help encourage people in their personal goals of health and wellness. And I see myself doing this because when we set goals that are heartfelt and inline with purpose our lives get more purposeful and we live in greater prosperity of mind, of body, of heart, of environment, of family, of community, and of Self.


When you get done reading this why don’t you try it. Sit down and write yourself a letter to be opened a year from now. And put it somewhere or give it to someone who will remember to mail it to you in a year. Write the letter to yourself like you would a good friend. Get as specific as possible. What do you want your relationship to look like in a year? your job? your home? your bank account? your health? Go big and in a year from now I bet you’ll see the areas of your visions and desires that you put heart into will have grown into something beyond what your pin could write.