Ahimsa is the Sanskrit word for or non-violence or non-harming. It is the very first step in the 8 limbs of yoga. As a parent, it’s easy to give all your time and energy to your family and put yourself last. Studying yoga has helped me realize that the concept of non-violence extends not only towards others, but also towards ourselves. Violence can be physical or mental, and it can be easy to “beat yourself up” mentally as a result of not meeting the unattainable standards of being a perfect mom.

When I feel society’s all-too-prevalent mom guilt creeping in, I remind myself of ahimsa towards self. Being a mom is hard, and being a “good mom” is even harder. I think all mamas could use a little more self love, self forgiveness, and self acceptance. These things aren’t selfish, they’re necessary. We need to fill and replenish our own cups so they’re overflowing to the point that giving to others becomes effortless. That’s my ahimsa. ?

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