That momentous day your toddler uses the potty…and a lesson in non attachment..

I think it started with the book, “Even Princesses Go to the Potty”, an instant classic in our home. We hadn’t been pushing the potty training issue with Claira. But when she started showing an interest, we got her a little potty seat and a stool. At first she just liked to sit there and read books. But today everything changed… The earth’s axis tilted a little… This child has officially peed in the potty. Hallelujah!

So what happened? This morning was already awkward because I had a visit to the dentist which left me with half my face numb. When I got back and asked Claira what she did with the baby sitter, she just yelled “aaaaugh…!!” much like Pee Wee Herman – it was uncanny really. Hopefully the sitter will come back. I tried to eat my first meal of the day and ended up just chewing on my completely numb lip a couple of times. Then Claira thought it would be hilarious to take her diaper off and streak through the house naked. It was cute for maybe a minute. But then the reality of possible human waste being sprinkled haphazardly around the house by a sprinting toddler set in. Attempts to put a diaper on my child were repeatedly unsuccessful. Arms and legs were flying everywhere like a little naked ninja avoiding contact with any inch of clothing. How can someone so tiny be so strong (and stubborn)? Surely she doesn’t get that from me.

Anyway I felt my frustration rising, coupled with hangriness, so I just turned around and went to the kitchen to make a smoothie. Maybe that I could eat. I would deal with my Jekyll-and-Hyde child later. I heard her giggling as she ran around and envisioned my future self on hands and knees cleaning pee off the carpet.

Then the Dr. Jekyll part of her came up to me, took my hand, and said “potty?” Ok, I’d appease her. We set up her stool and potty seat. And then, lo and behold, the child actually peed in the potty for the first time in her little life! Mark the calendar! Thursday, May 31, 2018 – sometime between mom loosing it and nap time, Claira June actually peed in the potty! Suddenly I was clapping and cheering Claira on, singing her praises and grinning as much as my numbed up face would allow.

Was this why she didn’t want to put on a diaper? What do I do next? Do I get her pull-ups? Is she really ready at 23 months? So many questions!

As we made our victory march into the living room, Claira happily showed me my brand new meditation cushion that I love so much. You know, the kind that’s locally made, organic cotton, buckwheat filled, yadda yadda. Apparently in the brief period of time while I was in the kitchen, Claira had sat “in meditation” and peed all over it… I guess we’re not totally ready to potty train yet. And I was given a subtle reminder about nonattachment to material objects… Anyway I’m still putting it in writing that my child has officially used the potty. In my mind that’s worth celebrating. Pass the margarita!

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