Hope from Thailand and the Power of Meditation

Like the rest of the world, I’ve been on pins and needles waiting to learn the fate of the 12 Thai boys and their soccer coach trapped inside a flooded cave in Thailand. What amazing, happy news to know they have all been rescued and are safe! Seeing the world come together and send support for a small group in need is so heartwarming, and it gives hope about the goodness of humanity.

Also amazing is to learn how the group managed to stay alive for 9 days alone in the dark. As a teacher myself, and as a mom, when I first heard of the trapped soccer team, my first thought was “Oh my gosh how is that coach handling this responsibility?!” With all those kids looking to him for comfort and reassurance, how is he keeping them all together and literally sane?

The coach was only 25 years old. But he had been a Buddhist monk for 10 years, and he taught the boys meditation to keep them calm! How incredible is that? When the group was discovered and videos of them shown to their anxious families, the boys’ parents were shocked by how serene and peaceful the boys were. No one was crying or distressed. This shows how powerful meditation can be, even for children- maybe especially for children. Doctors who are treating the children now say that, had the boys not been so mentally and physically healthy, the rescue operation would not have been possible. Check out this article to read more on how meditation helped the boys stay alive.

Thank you to all the Thai Navy Seals, divers, and representatives from around the world who worked around the clock to bring these boys home.
And thank you to the coach for keeping them not only alive, but also calm and at peace until help finally came. These people   are an inspiration! ????

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