Reason #1 Why you Need a Doula

This is the first in a series of posts about why it is totally worth it to hire a doula when you’re pregnant. 

Reason #1: She will save you precious time and tell you when you really need to go to the hospital. 

I had one of those apps on my phone that timed and tracked your contactions and told you when you were going into labor. I started feeling contractions around 11pm, and it was 1am when I called the hospital. Already exhausted, I was not looking forward to having a baby in the middle of the night, or so I thought. Little did I know the baby wouldn’t come for another 27 hours, but that’s another story. The nurse instructed me to come straight to the hospital.

Then I called our doula and told her we were heading to the hospital. She listened to me and said she didn’t think it sounded like I was far enough along to go to the hospital. What? I asked how she could tell, and she said she could hear it in my voice, like I sounded too calm. I was initially very confused and torn at this point, not knowing what to do. Do I listen to the nurse or the doula? I started questioning if I was being too calm or if my deceptively calm demeanor was working against me in this situation. But our doula, I’ll call her Tara, was completely right. Sensing my confusion, she offered to come over to our house and stay until it was actually time to go to the hospital. I felt a little guilty having her come over so late, but that’s what doulas do!

Tara arrived around 12:15am with a tupperware of salad, and we binge watched Grace and Frankie on Netflix literally all night long while my husband slept on the living room floor. Tara just watched me quietly whenever I had a contraction and reassured me that everything was still fine. We didn’t end up going to the hospital until noon! The baby still didn’t come until 4am the next morning… BUT those extra 12 hours were sooo much more comfortable spent at home than they would have been at the hospital. When you get to the hospital too early, the chance of receiving interventions increases. And we know labor can take a long time, especially for your first. So I’m very grateful for the extra half a day spent in the comfort of our own home. We still had plenty of time at the hospital. But again, another story. 😉  

Watch for Reason #2 Why you Need a Doula coming soon. 


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