The most important skill for toddler yogis?

Sometimes LO likes to mimic her mom’s crazy yoga stuff. Other times she just likes to sit beside me quietly. I love it either way. It actually really calms her to just sit and share space like this. It’s taken a while to get past the crawling-on-mom’s-back-in-down-dog phase. And we still have our jungle gym days. But when the stars align and she feels like quieting down with me, I’ll hear her slow down & sync her breath with mine. It makes me such a proud yoga mom. ? Mindful breathing has so many benefits:

– stimulates brain growth
– regulates blood pressure
– reduces stress & anxiety
– increases self-control

And what toddler couldn’t use more self control? ? Try taking some deep breaths with your little one! That alone may be the most important skill we can teach our little yogis! ?

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