My Story

Hi, I’m Katie. My passion is helping my fellow mamas find wellness, happiness, and peace through yoga and community.

A Texan turned California girl and  yoga practitioner for over 15 years, I’ve studied yoga styles from Vinyasa to Restorative. However, my practice took on a whole new meaning and importance in my life while I was expecting my first child.

As a mother of two, I credit Prenatal and Postpartum yoga as an essential part in helping me have positive, healthy pregnancies and smooth recoveries. It gave me the physical and mental preparation needed for the momentous transition to motherhood. After my children were born, Baby & Me yoga provided a special bonding time with my babies while safely rebuilding strength and reconnecting to a sense of self in the postpartum period.

These experiences inspired me to share the wonderful benefits of yoga with others. As a RYT, RPYT (Prenatal & Postpartum yoga specialist) and certified Kids’ yoga instructor, I believe in the sisterhood of motherhood and love providing a healthy, positive space for moms to come together in support of one another.

Always a teacher at heart, I also hold a Masters Degree in Teaching ESL and have been a student, instructor and teacher trainer in seven countries. My students’ ages have ranged from 2 to 82, but my greatest passion is working with the mamas.

It is truly a privilege to be a part of so many women’s pregnancy and motherhood journeys, and I love being a continuation in the long line of women supporting women.

Want to collaborate? Get in touch! I’d love to hear from you.